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We have been lucky enough to be involved in several Art Trails and Projects over the years, with many more in the pipeline. 

With COVID-19 the second instalment of the Dartmoor Otters Art Trail was not able to happen. We are crossing all of our fingers and toes that it happens in 2021. 

Designing stages of the models happen around a year to a year and a half ahead of launch and involve us working closely with our customer and factory to get the first Polyfoam sculpture from various drawings. Then clay sculpture with all the details, ie. fur. At this point we are ready to take the Master to then replicate into multiple numbers. 

These otters also included mounting hole on the bottom, to allow secure attachment to plinths (used in the art trail). This was a key design element designed specifically for our customer. 

Once made, primed and loaded onto a container they make their way across the pacific ocean into the port and hits the road to us! 

Art trails bring a lot of happiness, Joy and exploration for not only families but ourselves and the organisers. It really is a wonderful thing to be a part of. 

See below some of the finished otters. 

If you are interested in creating your own model for an Art trail (min order 100) give me a call on 016262 833646 (Hollie) or email 

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