Ditch the New Year Resolutions!!

Dry January? Veganuary? Weight loss? - The unachievable resolutions we set ourselves each year. 

Ditch them all this Sunday 17th January - the National Holiday is the perfect excuse.. If you are all in, go the whole stretch, you're over half way!

Here at The Jolly we've set some New Years resolutions.. we've made a dishwashing schedule, Tom is helping unloading containers and Zoe is determined to shift the title of Angry Bear..

Mr Jolly's resolution was to get rid of COVID for once and all. Safe to say some are accomplishing theirs better than others. 

Are you succeeding at your resolutions? Or, are you setting smaller, somewhat easier, goals this year? My Mum and Sister are keen advisors of this method.

Not only does it take the pressure off of the mammoth un-realistic goal you set yourself e.g. loose 3 stone. It makes you feel positive that you're always accomplishing something, no matter how big or small. Loose 2 lbs this week, AMAZING. Gone for a run twice this week, AMAZING. Commit yourself to 10 mins of meditation a day, AMAZING. Made a start on cleaning out the garage today, AMAZING. 

It really doesn't matter to anyone, except yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, you got to the 17th January, only 14 days to go. You've got this! Use the template below to set you some small achievable goals. 

TIP - set this as your screensaver, it will be a constant reminder and give you some motivation!


Stay safe and Stay Jolly!


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